Sao Paulo, Brazil

total built area: 810 sq.m.

construction duration: 08.2018 - 05.2019

project coordination:

Arch. Daniele Lauria

executive project:


            Eftychia Parisopoulou

            Maria Tokar

            McKenzie Bates

            Morgan Shewchuk

construction supervision:


            Daniel Florenzano Godoy

our most recent project


Won the competition for the Piacenza Archive

Studio Lauria, in association with the Ambire consortium (Corvino + Multari and Arethusa), won the competition for the executive design of the restoration of the former convent of Sant'Agostino in Piacenza, the next seat of the State Archive.

IQD Brasil _Lauria 2019 1.jpg

The focus about Brazil architecture on IQD

Daniele Lauria, with Marcio Kogan and Antoine Vernholes, edited the focus dedicated to Brazil by the IQD magazine. Among the authors presented in our section: Artigas, Lina Bo Bardi, MMBB, Andrade and Morettin, Superlimao and Kengo Kuma.

Studio Lauria opens in Curitiba, Brazil

After San Paolo and Florianopolis, Studio Lauria opens in Curitiba, capital of the southern state of Paranà and a city famous for its transport and urban planning policies. The local studio is directed by the architect Victor Dalle Carbonare.

Completed the Motorola offices in Sao Paulo

Studio Lauria Brasil signed the Motorola Systems | Stocktotal Heaquarters in Sao Paulo. The works managed by Daniel Godoy involved the construction of a new two-story building (covered by a blue metal mesh) for a total of 900 square meters.


Sudamericana, cities tales

Thanks to the collaboration of Timia Edizioni was finally printed the book that collects the texts and stories that Daniele Lauria wrote during his travels in many South American cities. A panorama on urban metamorphoses of the continent.

A proposal for the new Customs in Florence

The project proposed for the construction of a new barracks building in Florence for Guardia di Finanza took the third place in the technical evaluations of the Ministry of Infrastructures. The project team was leaded by Corvino and Multari.

'Sustainable architecture' workshop in Sao Paulo

On March 27-29th Daniele Lauria managed a three-day workshop focused on the principles of sustainability in architecture and urbanism.
Saturday 30th he will be hosted by the well-known "Okara Hub" for a talk about the same subjects.

The Cities Atlas: Sao Paulo and Tokyo

On March 22nd, the forth talk show organized in Milan by "Fondazione Feltrinelli" and titled "The Cities Atlas". The conference will focused about Sao Paulo and Tokyo with the partecipation of Raquel Rolnik and Yoshiharu Tsukamoto.

Quito and Santiago, two city portraits

The "Giornale dell'Architettura", the most interesting online magazine dedicated to Architecture and Urbanism, published two texts written by Daniele Lauria to tell about the urban transformations taking place in the capitals of Ecuador and Chile.

November, 27th: 'Green cities' in Sao Paulo

The Cidad3 cultural center of São Paulo hosts an international debate based on the relationship between architecture and the environment. Daniele Lauria holds a conference entitled "green cities" focusing on the evolution of the concept and on key projects for a new urban landscape.

A partnership on environment and urban law

Studio Lauria expands its activities in the Milan area by signing a strategic partnership with the lawyer Veronica Dini. His firm operates also in Rome and is  skilled in environmental and landscape protection as well as architecture and urban planning law. Veronica is also president of Circola association.

Water Watch Summit

The Bromelia project in Milan

Last October 31 the Feltrinelli Foundation hosted the Water Watch Summit. The event, dedicated to ideas and projects for the management of water resources on an urban scale, was introduced by Ania Grobicki (UN). During the event was presented our project for the rainwater harvesting.

lima _ilgiornale _web.jpg

il Giornale dell'Architettura: the report about Lima

Daniele Lauria signs a portrait of the capital of Peru highlightging the difficulties in defining effective planning tools and the still strong social inequality that characterizes the city. Yet, some interesting architectural works and a new attention for the heritage give a hope for a better future.

Our participation on the Sao Paulo Design Week

There were three interventions carried out during SP DW: the Galleria Legado Arte hosted a lecture on creativity applied to the ephemeral architecture; the Tecnofeal Auditorium welcomed a conference on sustainable design; the new space of Cidad3 an intervention on sensorial design.

Stocktotal's construction site in Sao Paulo

A new building of 900 sq.m. and two floors will host the headquarters of Stocktotal, a partner company of Motorola System. The project, realized with the collaboration of Daniel Godoy, foresees the use of particular solutions for acoustic comfort. The work is already under construction, completing on 2018.


Working on the Open Plaza of Piura

In collaboration with Studio Ippolito&Muceli and SN Arquitectos, the task involves the redesign of over 40,000 square meters of common areas and the definition of the new architectural image for the Mall, located in northern Peru. Open Plaza is part of the Falabella group, a South American retail leader.

In Huancayo our fourth project for H&M Peru

After two stores in Lima and the one in Cajamarca, Studio Lauria signs, in collaboration with Studio Ippolito&Muceli, the architectural project for a Red Store in Huancayo: about 3,000 square meters inside the Real Plaza Mall. End of works is scheduled for October and inauguration in November 2018.

Talking about South American cities at  "About a City"

Great public participation for the event organized by the Feltrinelli Foundation during the days of Milan Arch Week in May.
In this context, Daniele Lauria talked about the contradictions and urban problems of the big South American capitals.

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